After more than a year of work, the CD has finally been released.
An instrumental CD with a modern cheerful touch, made in the Home Studio of myself.
Very nice to release a professional CD. Editing errors and listening again and again to see if it is that good.
Listening with headphones, in the car, at home in the living room etc. It was always different.

Study "Mixing and Mastering" done. Learned much.
Eventually the time has come. The CD "Arrangements" is a fact.

Then arrange everything neatly via "Stemra". After all, it concerns existing songs that are on the CD.
Everything played entirely by myself. No automatic guidance and no midi files.
Otherwise it is not an own production either.

The CD was deliberately made in a limited edition. I'm not out to make a big production.
So after the last CD, it will be sold out.

Note: The CD was made in the recording studio and not on the Roffel Organ!




The titles and in brackets, the original authors of the song.
You can also listen to a short impression behind some titles.


Dizzy Fingers (Confrey) 4:04
Ride of the Valkyries (Wagner) 2:27  
Music was my first love (Miles) 6:20  
Rhythm (Wunderlich) 4:43  
Entry of the gladiators (Fucik) 2:37  
Tico Tico (de Abreu) 3:18
Popcorn (Kingsley) 2:48
Tiger Rag (la Rocca) 3:44  
Bolero (Ravel) 6:37  
Nocturne (Chopin) 5:22  
Orange Blossom Special (Rouse) 3:46
Once upon a time .. (Morricone) 4:28  
At a Georgia Camp Meeting (Mills) 3:14
Twelfth Street Rag (Bowman) 4:32  
Canon (Pachelbell) 6:04  


I hope you will enjoy listening as much as I do while making the Arrangements.




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